Ruben Nienhuis
Century Autogroep

Plan-IT | Referentie

"Plan-IT makes it possible for us to schedule appointments from one central place - our Customer Contact Center - for all our venues and car brands. Plan-IT facilitates a very good collaboration within Centruy between service advisors, workshop managers and the CCC. We highly value the support we receive from Plan-IT. We do not have to work with an elaborate ticketing system, the FAQ's on the website are very clear and there's always a representative most willing to help you by phone.

If it happens that the helpdesk cannot help us out with a certain issue we have, they always make sure they come back to us with a solution to the problem. For us, this is how a collaboration should be!"


Herman Appel
Mazda de Voorstad

Plan-IT | Referentie

“The use of Plan-IT is a big benefit for us, it is very convenient. It is easy to use and Plan-IT also has a lot of possibilities. Especially the replacement vehicle module is ideal, you never have to deal with double bookings again, plus you can also incorporate test drives into your schedule. With respect to the scheduling board on the wall is Plan-IT a lot more clear: from every workplace you can see what the schedule is and therefore you can easily search among the appointments that are there. This even helps you to schedule more efficiently.”

“The service of Plan-IT is also very nice and fast. You always receive excellent help from the service desk with any questions you might have and issues are solved quickly. According to us: very good!

“The service of Plan-IT is also very nice and fast. You always receive excellent help from the service desk with any questions you might have and issues are solved quickly. According to us: very good!"

Herman Appel, Service Adviseur bij Mazda De Voorstad BV


Nico Klok
Auto Smeeing

Plan-IT | Referentie

A year and a half ago we received a cancellation from Auto Smeeing.

Luckily not because they were dissatisfied, but because their new DMS had a integrated scheduling module. We hear that sometimes and even though we hate to see a customer go, we do understand that situation.

However, with the scheduling module in the new DMS Auto Smeeing was losing a lot of functionality and was therefore losing the overview in their schedule and workshop process. This motivated Auto Smeeing to inquire for Plan-IT anew. The question: whether we could link with their DMS. Of course, not a problem! Plan-IT can link with most relevant DMS in the Netherlands after all.

Nico Klok (chief customerservice at Auto Smeeing) sheds a light on the first experiences since the reintegration of Plan-IT: “We have a better overview of our workshop schedule.

We can finally see what happens again and moreover the use of Plan-IT is so easy that everybody has started working with again. The integrated replacement vehicle schedule works absolutely perfect. You have an instant insight in the available cars, something that really adds to the strength of the software for us.”

Auto Smeeing tried for a fair while to work with the scheduling program in the DMS, but came quickly to the conclusion that is was no comparison to Plan-IT and was far behind in their possibilities. This increased the chance on mistakes being made. Since they were already familiar with Plan-IT, the decision to go back was easily made. With the core argument being: a link with their current DMS.

“I can keep emphasizing it, but we finally have a good schedule, which enhances the productivity of the mechanics. You can set up Plan-IT fully to your own wishes. Moreover the software is linked to the online module of Plan-IT, which enables customers to see when and at exactly what time there are open spots in our schedule. Transparency in its purest form. And that is greatly appreciated.”


Gomes Noord-Holland

Plan-IT | Referentie

Plan-IT is a very good scheduling software, which we use with full satisfaction. Having a good scheduling system means a lot for the daily business procedures within the after sales. All Gomes establishments therefore use this system to optimize the bookings in all workshops. Because of the good integrations with the DMS Incadea, our employees experience working with Plan-IT as very pleasant and this is for us a very important reason to work with the software.

Benefits of working with Plan-IT:

  • Clear control
  • Good integrations with the DMS Incadea
  • The replacement vehicle fleet is easy to manage
  • Online schedule
  • Stability of the system

As the administrator of Plan-IT I am furthermore very happy with the employees of Plan-IT. Together with my colleague Hans van der Hulst we are in contact with mr. Leon Wonnink quite often. Leon is always very kind and offers us good services. Our contact with the service desk is also perfect every time. They have a lot of knowledge on hand, can view your screen through Teamviewer and can therefore solve problems quickly,


Pala Group

The brands BMW and MINI do not need an introduction. The widely known slogan ‘Sheer driving pleasure’ entails exactly what BMW stands for and is also the slogan for the dealers within the Pala Group. On nine strategically placed and excellently reachable locations in Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg more than 200 sales advisors and service employees are working daily to realize this ‘sheer driving pleasure’ for their customers.

The customer contact center is a growing concept in the automotive. Pala Group has their own ‘CCC’ at their headquarters since 2016. The need came from the different establishments, where the strain on the phone kept growing. The CCC takes all incoming calls regarding workshop appointments among others. It also processes online appointment requests. This gives the service advisor on location more time to optimally serve the customers, which automatically benefits customer and work satisfaction.

Centrally scheduling workshop appointments for all establishments requires a scheduling program that is suitable for a CCC environment. Plan-IT turned out to be the perfect solution.

It offers a better overview on the schedule than our DMS, Autoline. Plan-IT really differentiates itself by displaying all important things that impact the schedule in one clear overview. Even our service advisors and workshop chiefs agree to this.

Pala Group started with Plan-IT in January 2016. At first there were some technical challenges, which we solved together with the team of Plan-IT. Some aspects, like the now famous red frame around the appointment to indicate a waiting customer, were addes per Pala Groups request. We found JDS to be a very enjoyable business parter who is always willing to think along with you and offer customized solutions. This means we now have a perfectly working scheduling program which we enjoy the benefits from daily!

Waiting customers, type of appointment, mechanic level, reason for time reservation, daily status, capacity, it is all displayed clearly on one screen.


Nico de Haan
Pouw Automotive

Within the PON organization a migration is taking place to a new DMS, namely CDKs Autoline.

Plan-IT has had a very well working link with Autoline for quite some time now. This was therefore the reason for Pouw Automotive for example, to continue working with Plan-IT after the migration was completed.

Plan-IT has guided Pouw Automotive even before the migration in a large number of issues to ensure a smooth transition.

Nico de Haan, director after sales of Pouw Automotive:

“The transition to Autoline has a very big impact on the organization, whilst the scheduling through Plan-IT remains reliable. This makes the acceptance of the new DMS easier.

The after sales process could basically continue as it was, thanks to Plan-IT.

Help and thinking along from Plan-IT during the migration was more than enough, functional and flexible. They responded to our whishes more than optimal.”

Plan-IT in combination with Autoline offers an even better link than the previous DMS. The enhancement, and therefore the higher efficiency of the integration, receives continuous attention from as well Plan-IT as CDK/Autoline.

“Plan-IT is being rated even more positive after the migration, mostly because the statuses of the clock are also automatically updated. This gives us more insight with less work, which is very pleasant in a phase of change which Autoline brought with it.”


Eric Wilbers
Wensink Automotive

Wensink Automotive has already been working with Plan-IT for a year now, on all its establishments.

Wensink Automotive has been closely involved with the setup, presentation and implementation of the new after sales trajectory though its IT department. Scheduling plays an important role herein.

Since the Ford division had been working with Plan-IT for a number of years, it was a very logical decision to switch the other divisions to Plan-IT as well; among them Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars & Company Cars.

In addition, Wensink Automotive also started with Plan-IT Online on Time, the renewing online schedule, enabling customers to see online exactly which times and dates are available for a particular service job, tire change, examination etc. Plan-IT Online goes further than other products on the market. Everything adheres to the motto “if you schedule it, it’s true”.

Wensinks Customer Service Center uses Plan-IT for centrally scheduling all workshop appointments, with ensures high efficiency.

Eric Wilbers, Operations Director: “During the presentation I saw numerous possibilities, how the software can ‘talk’ with its online schedule and vice versa. Plan-IT goes beyond scheduling appointments. It informs our customers of the appointment through mail, online appointments are instantly visible in the software and moreover, it enables those who are responsible within Wensink to get a clear overview instnantly and see the filling of various workshops. Not a small thing for The Netherlands largest Mercedes-Benz/Ford dealership.

After sales has always been leading for Wensink. Ever since its founding in 1986 it has been a central part of the organization. We are a progressive dealer holding and always looking for ways to renew. Plan-IT fits this perfectly.”

‘We had a challenge”, continues Robert Kommeren, IT Manager, “because we, the management, had the analog scheduling boards removed everywhere. Every establishment started scheduling digitally from that point on in the DMS. Plan-IT was a welcome addition to that, because we heard in 2004 that a integration had been realized with the DMS. Our Ford colleagues have experience with Plan-IT and know it to be more flexible and more efficient. We contacted JDS about this and together we made a plan of action, which resulted in a central presentation for all directors. We therefore rather view it as a collaboration, instead of purchasing services”, concludes Robert.

After that things went quickly. Every stakeholder within Wensink Automotive and JDS were informed on the procedure and a project group was set up in no time.

Leon Wonnink, account manager Plan-IT: “It’s very pleasant doing business with an organization such as Wensink, a customer who knows what he wants. I say this from a pragmatic point of view. Especially Robert is very able and direct in his communication. With his knowledge on the various systems and departments, he instantly could see the benefits. There was deliberation on a frequent level, as well at our office in Venray as at Wensink in Apeldoorn and Zwolle. Both parties indicated from the start to strive for a new and constructive after sales setup.”

“We all have faith that with the help from Plan-IT, our various after sales departments as well as the Customer Service Senter can generate more traffic in an efficient manner. Everybody at Wensink can count on the support of all directors”, says a determined Eric Wilbers.


René Groenendijk
Auto Dekker

The response to a very constructive visit by one of our accountmanagers to Auto Dekker with the question whether they would function as a reference, has hardly ever been this enthousiastic.

René Groenendijk has been a Plan-IT user since practically day one. Since 2003 he has been the after sales manager for Auto Dekker. “I can still remember that we used to work with this Modulex board in the workhop. The drawback was that anybody could misuse it. Give himself priority of switch a difficult job someone else. After a 2 week trial with Plan-IT Workshop I immediately took that board off the wall.”

Auto Dekker has been carrying the rand Suzuki for quite some time now and since a few years also successfully carries Peugeot. With establishments in Spijkenisse, Oud-Beijerland and Hellevoetsluis, Auto Dekker is a big name in Zuid-Holland. “I don’t understand that there are still car dealers who work with this board on the wall. Plan-IT Workshop basically is a copy of that board, but with a lot more advantages. It is really easy to use and practically explains itself.

We were scheduling with 4 people when we started. Without struggle I could take the board down after only 2 weeks”, says René.

Auto Dekker customers can schedule their appointment on their website at the establishments of their choice. “The good thing about Plan-IT is that I can get a good overview of all establishments. You can see at once where the chances or threats are, which allows me to take charge in time.”

René’s answer to the question what makes Plan-IT unique: “The cooperation from JDS”. Well this complement we don’t mind accepting! Finally René has some advice for his co-car dealers in the business who still use the scheduling board on the wall: “Just quit. Plan-IT works better, is more professional, more complete and the chances of errors are a lot less. This only benefits your relationship with your customers.

We have switched to a DMS with its own schedule in between. But if the board of directors would force me to work with this schedule, I would consider finding another job.”

In short, Plan-IT Workshop does not only make scheduling more efficient, but also makes employees more content.


Marco van der Zant
Volvo Mobility Centre

Mobility Centre is the official dealer for Volvo Cars in the southwest of The Netherlands, with establishments in Rotterdam, Barendrecht and Vlaardingen. Next to the sales and service departments for the newest models of Volvo, Mobility Centre also has extensive experience in upkeep of older Volvo models.

In the daily service and maintenance on all Volvo models, Plan-IT plays a big part. Marco van der Zant is in his function of after sales manager a very proud user of Plan-IT.

“I started at a dealer where they scheduled using the big board on the wall. There was no alternative then and it was fairly easy to use. But along the way, customer wishes became more complex and the little cards we used did not suffice for the amount of information we had to put on them. The arrival of Plan-IT was a real breath of fresh air. The right setup was a challenge to achieve, but after that everybody was used to this new system in no time.”

He continues: “You don’t need to study for it. You can just start working with it and you soon find out how easy it actually is and that all the possibilities are easily picked up.”

With this statement Marco hits the nail right on the head for Plan-IT. It replaces the board on the wall, is easy to use and has instantly a familiar feel to it. The various color settings of the old scheduling boards are integrated in our software as well. Appointments can be planned more efficient, which means you can sell more hours, which directly means more turnover.

Another big advantage according to Marco, is that with Plan-IT you can use your own computer to look at the occupation at another establishment. “In my current function of after sales manager, it is very easy for me to get insight on the occupation of the three establishments. For this, the correct setup also applies. With the push on one button you can switch between establishments.”

If one establishment has no more room left, one can use Plan-IT to see whether other establishments do have room. This helps preventing customers from going to look around for other workshops.

Plan-IT can be linked to the most common DMS systems, which makes scheduling appointments a lot easier and more efficient. This also means that Plan-IT can be 100% integrated with the Volvo DMS: iDas. “The most important things for me are the integration with our billing system iDas and the fact you can setup your own color scheme. This clearly distinguishes between type of job and contributes to the clear overview. Also the different tools, such as the warning that pops up when there are too many waiting customers so overcapacity can be prevented. This creates peace in the workshop. And also the replacement vehicle tool is unique to us. This allows me to see instantly which replacement vehicle I can give to a customer and print out the current rent agreement.

Marco has some advice for his co-car dealers in the business who still use the scheduling board on the wall: “Stop it quickly. I know you like to hold on to the old and familiar. Back in the days we didn’t have computers and we did everything by hand. The arrival of the computer was a difficult issue for a lot of businesses, but now you can’t live without it. It’s the same with Plan-IT. The speed with which you can schedule – only check some boxes – and your scheduling card is ready and in your overview. The service document is identical to the scheduling system and you can’t forget anything after that. So it’s no drama when you find yourself without a pen or marker. So, by my own opinion: JUST DO IT!

And ever since I’ve started using Plan-IT I haven’t suddenly lost cards anymore. It used to happen that the Sales department replaced a card to prioritize something else, which resulted in me having to see a customer on Monday morning not knowing anything about the appointment.

Let alone how you can get your schedule back on track when the board falls of the wall.


Ruud Langeloo
Century Autogroep

“Yes, we rely blindly on Plan-IT Workshop: full is full and not full means there’s room. Our productivity is because of this always at least 95%”, says Ruud Langeloo, service manager at Century Autogroep.

Century Autogroep concentrates on a large part of Groningen and Drenthe with all its dealerships of Audi, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Company cars and SEAT. For more than 80 years it has been the mobility partner of more than 350 employees, divided among 10 establishments. Next to the sales and after sales of the above mentioned brands, it also has a damage centre, a company car conversion, camper, rent and lease department.

In his function of service manager Ruud controls the workshop process at Century Autogroep.

“Before we started working with Plan-IT Workshops, we had a scheduling board on the wall.

This didn’t work very optimal, because it had a very central spot in our workshop. Everybody who had anything to do with scheduling, had to get up and walk to this board constantly to see whether there was room for an appointment e.g.

No everybody, from the chief of the workshop, the service manager to the receptionist, can see the schedule from his/her own work place. They can easily see whether there is place in the workshop or how the overall schedule looks.”

Plan-IT Workshop helps you to schedule appointments in your workplace more efficiently, so you can achieve a higher revenue in your workplace turnover. And you shouldn’t have to leave it for the costs, since Plan-IT pays itself back within the year.

Plan-IT Workshop distinguishes itself by its user friendliness. Everybody, even though they don’t have a lot of experience with computers, can use Plan-IT instantly.

Ruud continues: “Even our people from the stockroom use Plan-IT, by using the daily list to prepare the necessary parts. And of course our ladies from the central front desk, who can forward incoming customer calls to the correct workshop. This is necessary, because the chief at the correct establishment knows the status of the car of that particular customer. And therein lies our strength: the customer feels connected to our company, like we actually know him/her personally.”

Plan-IT Workshop is basically the digital version of the scheduling board on the wall, but with the digital advantages. Integrating replacement vehicles with appointments, sending appointment confirmations to customers and scheduling appointments in the future are only a few examples.

The digital scheduling board is because of its logical structure and visual representation for everybody easy to use.

“The system is very simple to work with and all necessary “scheduling actions” are applicable. With more experience you can fine tune the software and really dot all the i’s.

As a supervisor Plan-IT also helps to give better directions to your front desk, because the statistics are easily readable”, explainsRuud. “This simplicity makes it unique and gives you the possibility to adjust into detail. It sets a creative process in motion which motivates you to create more revenue together with Plan-IT.”

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