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Not only the larger dealer workshops can benefit from a clear schedule, the smaller workshops may also need digital and efficient scheduling. Especially for these smaller workshops, Plan-IT Workshop Compact was created.

Functionally it’s exactly the same as the original Plan-IT Workshop, but it is meant for a maximum of 3 users, 6 mechanics in the workshop and the number of cars in the replacement vehicle functionality is limited to 10. There is no support for multiple establishments and/or brands.

Plan-IT Workshop Compact is also suitable for the larger workshops who wish to test the product first, before committing to a full integration. The transition afterwards can be performed smoothly: only a small alteration in the license is necessary and you can switch to Plan-IT Workshop, with complete preservation of data.

  • For the smaller workshops
  • Full functionality
  • Max 3 users, 6 mechanics, 10 replacement vehicles
  • Easy transfer to Plan-IT Workshop
Plan-IT Werkplaats | trailer
Plan-IT | Products | Workshop Compact

This is an example of Plan-IT Workshop. In one overview you can see exactly what the schedule is,
how long appointments take, how the mechanics are scheduled and more.

Plan-IT | Products | Workshop Compact

Plan-IT can give you an overview of how the workshop schedule is filled, per day.

Plan-IT | Products | Werkplaats Compact

This is what a work order looks like in Plan-IT.