Plan-IT | Werkplaats



The digital welcoming board which you can use to personally greet customers when entering your workshop, guide incoming customers to the correct counter and keep waiting customers updated on the status of their car. You don’t only increase your transparency and service level towards your customers, you also increase customer satisfaction; an essential part in creating returning customers.

Plan-IT Welcome shows the appointments in Plan-IT Workshops and the status of the progress. You can also use the digital board to show special offers and/or advertising, weather forecasts or recent news. The digital board is therefore fully adjustable to your own wishes.

In the context of the GDPR it is also possible to make decisions in which information you do or do not show on the board, depending on which agreement you made with your customers. This makes it easy to adhere to the guidelines of the GDPR with Plan-IT Welcome.

Attention! To use Plan-IT Welcome, both Plan-IT Online, Plan-IT Workshop and the CRM API are required.

  • A digital welcoming board
  • Greet, guide and update customers
  • Customize the board with special offers
  • GDPR-proof
Plan-IT Werkplaats | trailer
Plan-IT | Products | Welcome

An example of how Plan-IT Welcome can look.

Plan-IT | Products | Welcome

The administrator panel of Plan-IT Welcome, where you can alter all settings to your liking.

Plan-IT | Products | Welcome

An overview of all media you display on your welcoming board, on you administrator panel.