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How often does a customer buy a car without test driving it first? Probably not that often. How often does it happen that customers come in for a test drive and you have to disappoint them because the car is not available? Probably more often. Plan-IT provides a solution!

Plan-IT Test drive is an online schedule which you can use to manage your test drives, for new drives as well as occasions. The online schedule integrates in your website and customers can request an appointment or a test drive with a car of their choice. It practically replaces the two-dimensional form on your website. You know in advance which customers are coming for which cars, you can make sure the cars are ready to go (are clean, tank full etc.) and you can also take appropriate action when a car is sold. You save time, are more flexible in your actions towards your customers and you increase your conversion in sales!

Plan-IT Test drive is a fully web based module and can import your cars from any link made so you don’t have to manually insert all cars into the program. Availability of the car and the establishment where the car is (which you can also manage yourself) can be taken into account when making an appointment. There is even the possibility of adding a drivers license check!

  • Online schedule for test drives
  • Save time, be more flexible and increase your conversion
  • Takes availability & location of the car into account
  • Drivers license check possible
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Plan-IT | Products | Test drive

The online schedule of Plan-IT Test Drive.

Plan-IT | Products | Test drive

The website on which customers can book a test drive appointment.

Plan-IT | Products | Test drive

An appointment in Plan-IT Test Drive.

Plan-IT | Products | Test drive

The overview window with all cars in the database.