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This product makes it possible for your customers to schedule their own workplace appointment any day of the week, any time of the day, through your website. Plan-IT Online is an online schedule that you easily integrate in your website. It shows the availability in your workshop per day, which you can set up in advance by yourself or you can link it to Plan-IT Workplace and have it shown automatically. The customer chooses the day it suits him/her best and also chooses the time of the appointment; which you can set up also. You receive a request for appointment which you can confirm immediately or you can contact the customer and come to a different solution.

The customer isn’t limited anymore by your opening hours to make their workplace appointments, which enhances the flexibility of your organization and also benefits your customer focus and satisfaction.

With our API you can use your own design so the online schedule can be incorporated seamlessly in your corporate identity. Many big brands are already working with Plan-IT Online, with the online schedule blended in perfectly with their corporate website. Give your customers extra possibilities to make their appointments, start now!

  • Easily integratable functionality in your website
  • Lets customers make their own appointments 24/7
  • Shows real-time availability
  • Integrates with Plan-IT Workshop
  • Enhance your customer focus & satisfaction
Plan-IT Werkplaats | trailer
Plan-IT | Products | Online

The online schedule of Plan-IT Online. The different colors indicate to what
extent the time in the workshop has already been scheduled that day.

Plan-IT | Products | Online

The online schedule integrated in a website. Of course the appearance
can be altered to match your corporate identity with our CRM API.

Plan-IT | Products | Online

The Plan-IT Online administrator menu, where you can alter settings according to your liking.