New release Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9740 available


Since 11 februari 2019, a new version of Plan-IT is available.

From now on we will roll out releases for Plan-IT more oftenbecause of our Continuous Delivery principle.
This way we will be able to respond to request from the market even quicker.

You can find the Update Procedure here.
When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 478-531444

Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9740

Changes / Additions

  • On the collection list is now also printed whether the customer or the car needs to be picked up
  • Rentwise XML connection now provides more information (operations)
  • Cleanup now also removes reservations


  • iDas Webservice connections, triggers now also respond to the codes from iDas


  • Autoline connection: Able to set blockade per user to prevent importing work orders in the wrong establishment. (So for instance importing a work order from Autoline establichment 20 to establishment 10)
  • DMS client number and DMS owner number are now visible in Plan-IT with the customer data. This way you can check what has been sent over from the DMS when importing.


  • Dayplanning can now also handle the automatic break logic from Autoline clockings
  • Dayplanning can now also establish the relationship between the Autoline clocking on a work order and a copy work order in Plan-IT
  • When clocking out a work order in Autoline, Plan-IT will calculate how much time is still left in relation to the planning. The remaining time is now visually displayed. When the mechanic reports the entire work order as ready, and no clockings are needed anymore, this remaining block will be automatically removed

  • The moment when the mechanic reports the whole work order as ready, and no clockings need to be done on it anymore, this remaining block is also removed automatically again.

  • Added new index to link copy work orders to Autoline work orders
  • It is now possible to turn the automatic planning button in the dayplanning on or off
  • It is now possible to make the remaining available time visible on the dayplanning board. The time still available, onderhanden work, work stock and the status of all these times. (is there still time available or not enough anymore)
  • Removed some information that is not really needed for the dayplanning, so that the dayplanning board displays only information that is useful in the dayplanning.
  • The dayplanning board now also supports tabs.
  • Mechanics can be hidden on the dayplanning board. This way you can suppress all mechanics that are being used for something else.

Tyre manager

  • Postal code is now also visible on the from stock print of a tyre
  • New peint added on which you can see for each width how many tyres there are in the warehouse
  • New print added to get all tyres for which the registration number is equal to the last 8 digits of the VIN
  • Tyrechange list print now shows the width instead of the rim brand
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New release Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9700 available


Since 8 januari 2019, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop and Plan-IT Workshop Compact are available.
You can find the Update Procedure here.
When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 478-531444

Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9700

Changes / Additions

  • Double click on workorder now opens the workorder.
  • Increased https timeout to 5 seconds for Plan-IT Online. That way systems with slower internet wont get timeouts anymore
  • It is now possible to directly open the mechanic view by right clicking on the mechanic on the planboard (depending on the user rights)
  • New system setting in the SMS module that wont send SMS car ready to customers that are being collected or cars that need to be returned.
  • It is now possible to add triggers that will automatically check the internal workorder checkbox.
  • It is now possible to add triggers that will automatically check the MOT checkbox.
  • It is now possible to add triggers that will automatically check the tyre change checkbox.
  • Triggers will check the main operation and the extra operations.
  • It is possible to show that a workorder is locked. To show this you must activate this in the system settings.
  • When increasing or decreasing the size of a workorder we will now also show the time that the mouse is on. That will make it easier to select the right endtime
  • It is now possible to deactivate an operation. It will then no longer be selectable from the list, but the color will still be visible on workorders that already had this operation selected
  • It is now possible to divide a workorder into two workorders.
  • It is now still possible to use the tyre change list without using the warehouse feature
  • It is now possible to plan 'overwork' as user+ when you give the rights to use the calendar
  • The management module is now capable to visually show more information when working with a lot of companies or users
  • Option in the system settings that will change the time appointment date relative to the plan date when moving the workorder
  • User+ now has the option to plan 'overwork' via the system setting.
  • Plan-IT can now show the owner / lease company in the overview (system setting)
  • The order of the operations list is now sorted on ordering and not on description.
  • The order of the employees list is now sorted on ordering and not on name. (the list now shows the same ordering)
  • It is now possible to export the availability in percentages
  • Maintenace.exe now shows in a logfile that it has run
  • When adding a new tire-set from the warehouse you now get a dropdown box for winter or summer tires instead of a checkbox
  • License communication via HTTPS
  • Export.exe can now export the more or less time from workorders. Also an option to just export the mechanics that have more then 0% activity
  • Export.exe can now export the availability of the replacement cars.
  • Logging database can now hold 5.000.000 records
  • Cleanup can now delete logging records
  • CRM API now shows more fields from the workorder.
  • Copy workorder is now also shown on the overview. It is also possible to filter and print this
  • Overview now shows the full name of the receptionist
  • Plan-IT now shows the speciality groups connected to Plan-IT Online
  • You can now show what blocks are connected with Plan-IT Online
  • CDK.exe can now check if the import from warehouse tyremanager is correct.


  • The reservations from Plan-IT Online now give more information
  • The reservations now show who has created them . (Plan-IT Online or a user)
  • It is now more clear that it is a reservation and not a workorder. The reservation has a lighter edge while the workorder has a darker edge.
  • Reservations now also cost capacity (system setting)
  • Reservations now also get a red line when the reservation is a customer that waits


  • New button that will automatically plan the dayplanning with the planning from the planboard
  • Dayplanning now shows that a workorder is over the planned time


  • When deleting a mechanic Plan-IT now will only check workorders in the future that don't have the status ready (it will also show if there still is a workorder and the date and workorder number when one is found)
  • Plan-IT now rounds the hours available on 2 decimals.
  • The text in the tyrepass is now printed on multiple lines
  • VPS now also works when tabpages are used.
  • VPS Popup now no longer generates an error message when moving the mouse really fast across the screen
  • iDas Webservice now syncs the days off of the next year when you reach the end of the year
  • iDas Webservice now syncs replacement cars that are manually changed in Plan-IT
  • Splitting a workorder now also works when you use 5 or 6 minutes units
  • Warehouses with partly the same name can now be suppressed when you use multiple workshops
  • Printing labels or tyrepass will now always print the most actual tyres


  • Autoline_Werkorders ODBC integration. BEMAIL is removed from the interface. It is no longer available in the ODBC
  • Autoline_Statussen now makes sure that if something is changed in Autoline that effects the SMS text the SMS is now updated.
  • There are more tokens available in the extra operations. We can now show more text when we import from the DMS.
  • iCar DMS interface
  • iDas Webservices: now communicates with a URLEncode
  • iDas Webservices: Plan-IT now also returns receptionist to iDas
  • iDas Webservices: Plan-IT can now import all receptionists from iDas


  • New tags {rc_yes} and {rc_no} in the appointment conformation
  • System option that will make the system always ask of the tyre change e-mail needs te be send. This gives the option to not send the e-mail in some specific cases
  • Receptionist is now added to the replacement car mail


  • The status 'finished' will now also show that the SMS will be send to the customer when using the SMS module
  • [ESTABLISHMENT] added as tag for the SMS module
  • [CUSTOMER] added as tag for the SMS module
  • SMS communication via HTTPS

Replacement cars

  • It is now possible to enter more text in de replacement car workorder
  • It is now possible to use tab pages to set the amount of replacement cars per tab page .
  • It is now also easier to move the ordering of replacement cars straight from the planboard.
  • If the remote replacement car e-mail is used, it will now send a cancellation e-mail to the remote replacement car company when u select one of your own cars of bikes in Plan-IT
  • It is now possible to enter the days you want to view your replacement car planboard in de system settings
  • It is now possible to show more days. You can show a max of 28 days on the planboard
  • Saturday and Sunday are now shown as grey. This makes it easier to see the weekends when viewing multiple days.
  • It is now possible to enter the company name that will be shown on the replacement car agreement.
  • It is now possible to make the end mileage mandatory when returning the car
  • There is an extra check to make sure the end mileage is not smaller then the start mileage .
  • New status 'invoiced' added in the replacement cars
  • Added Price per mile will now be printed on the replacement car agreement
  • Mileage will now be printed on the replacement car overview
  • It is now possible to open the replacement car view directly from the planboard
  • There now is an option to filter the replacement cars directly from the workorder. This list now also shows the price of that replacement car
  • It is now possible to push the availability of the replacementcars the Plan-IT Online
  • Dropoff will also be mailed to the replacement car department
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Wij wensen iedereen prettige kerstdagen, een fijne jaarwisseling en een gezond 2019!

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Calendar 2019


The new year is slowly approaching. A few more weeks and it will be 2019.

To keep planning without problems in Plan-IT we advise to already fill the calendar for the new year.

Follow the steps on this page for that.

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1 million Plan-IT Online workshop appointments


A true milestone! On friday 5 octobre, exactly at 10:17, the 1.000.000th workshop appointment via Plan-IT Online was made.

Volvo dealers Serva in Amersfoort had the honours and that deserves cake ofcourse - at least according to us.

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Automechanika Frankfurt 2018


This year we will be present at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt, Germany from 11 to 15 september 2018.

Automechanika Frankfurt is the world's leading trade fair for the automotive service industry.
This year is the 25th anniversary, and there will be 4.800 exhibitors presenting their new products and latest developments.
133,000 trade visitors from 170 countries are expected.

We will be showing our products Plan-IT Workshop, Plan-IT Online, Plan-IT Welcome, and en Plan-IT Test drive.
To the side is a picture of our stand, that we share with UnameIT (Cartel & LEF).
Don't hesistate to visit us when you are nearby, you can find us in hall 9.1, stand F12.

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New website


Welcome on our entirely new website! We are very proud of it and very happy with it.

We would like to hear what you think of it.

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Plan digitally, what are you waiting for?


We all know the importance of planning efficiently, but we didn't want to keep this article from you! Read the full article on op (Dutch article)

Plan digitally, what are you waiting for?

We all know the importance of planning efficiently. Lost minutes, mechanics that are standing around or operations that cannot be finished by double bookings, nobody is happy with that. Planning digitally is the solution.

Increase your workshop efficiency

The digital planboard of Plan-IT makes scheduling and managing appointments in the workshop child's play. You will keep a complete overview of the operations that needs to be performed at all time, with a system that works with colors. You'll instantly see what operations are scheudled, on which mechanic, how much time is reserved, if there is a fixed starting and/or end time agreed with the customer, and if the customer will be waiting. When something in the planning changes during the day, this overview is essential to cope with the unforeseen circumstances. The efficiency in your workshop increases along with your returns! But planning digitally with Plan-IT offers more benefits, that will lift your entire aftersales department to a new level.

Increase your customer satisfaction

With the flexibility that Plan-IT offers, you can offer your customers more possibilities for planning an appointment. Do you have customers waiting on their car until the work is finished? You can easily highlight it in the planning and give it priority. Does the customer want the car to be ready at a specific time? Not a problem. Is a customer calling unexpectedlywith an emergency repair? You instantly see where there is room in the planning, or you can easily move appointments if needed. Your servicelevel increases along with the customer satisfaction. This leads to a higher customer loyalty, a very important part of the aftersales.

Increase your customer loyalty

Positive experiences will make customers return. Not only the proper handling of the work ensures this, excellent communication contributes to this as well. With Plan-IT, you can keep customers informed about the status automatically via e-mail and SMS messages. Offer your customers extra freedom with Plan-IT Online, with which they can schedule an appointment themselves in the online planner. Approach your customers proactively for repeat visits (think of tyre changes or MOT) and let them schedule an appointment when it suits them best.

Higher efficiency, higher flexibility, higher service level and a higher customer satisfaction. As far as we are concerned, a summary of your workshop that is ready for the future.

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New release Plan-IT Workshop version 5.171.9020 available


Since 25 may 2018, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop and Plan-IT Workshop Compact are available.
You can find the Update Procedure here.
When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 478-531444

Version 5.171.9020

Changes / Additions

  • Extra operations can now be edited in the work order.
  • You can now also print the Service Advisor overview.
  • Option in systemsettings to enable checking the meximum number of customers waiting on the same time as soon as the customer waits option is checked in the work order. You will then immediately get the message.
  • Added possibility to filter overview on status of the work order (this filter can not be printed).
  • It is now possible to edit the status of work orders on the clipboard.
  • It is now possible to add/edit a comment in work orders on the clipboard.
  • When you use the Select option on a work order, the copies of that work order will also be highlighted. This way you can see which work orders belong together.
  • The Reason on the Days off window is no longer emptied. This way, you can enter multiple similar days off more quickly.
  • User+ can (if this is turned on) also 'lock' the entire day in the planning.
  • Added possibility to print all Dropoffs of a day from the day-overview window.
  • Added MOT and change tyres checkboxes in the appointment confirmation template.
  • Possibility to make customers older than a specified date anonymous via the Cleanup. (GDPR)


  • When the collection time of a time appointment is deleted, it will not be filled when opening the work order again. It will remain empty.
  • When moving a work order with a replacement vehicle and the car is not available, you will now get the correct end time in the work order after selecting a new replacement vehicle.
  • OEC and Incadea connection: When moving a work order without a replacement vehicle from the clipboard to the planboard, you will get a pop-up window again to select a replacement vehicle.
  • The overview window will be easier to read when you select a filter and there are a lot of work orders.
  • The calendar item that can be sent in an appointment confirmation is generated in a slightly different way.
  • You can nowdelete a group in the employee window that is already deleted in the Plan-IT Online on time module which changes the name in Plan-IT Workshop to FOUT.
  • It is no longer possible to manually place reservations over another reservation.
  • When the starting time of an establishment is not entered, 8:00 will be used as default starting time in the appointment confirmation template. (the customer will not see 0:00 in the sppointment confirmation)
  • Printing days off will also include the first day of the selection.
  • It is now possible in the management module to give a single user rights to increase or decrease a work order. This will override the setting in the system settings.
  • Printing the Overview will now also include work orders that have started the previous day (that carry over to the next day)
  • The calendar will show the correct translations in the French version.


  • Fow the DMS Optima21 and Drakar+ (CDK) an ingegration with time registration is created so that the dayplanboard is automatically filled by the clockings.
  • Optima21 connection now also reads out the business phone number. At first the mobile phone number, then the business phone number and lastly the private phone number.
  • iDas: New connection with iDas via Webservices.
  • With Autoline_Werkorder ODBC connection 7 or 8, the business e-mail address is now also retrieved when the private e-mail address is not filled in.
  • iDas: Possibility to edit the customer name order. (initials - prefix - surname or surname - prefix - initials)
  • Wincar feedback: When the SMS module is turned on, the option is not sent back to Wincar anymore. It is obsolete then because the customer already receives an SMS message when the car is finished.


  • SMS reminders are deleted when a work order is set to internal order at a later time.

Replacement transport

  • Added possibility to indicate which replacement transport database you want to use for each establishment separately (it can also be the replacement transport database of another establishment) This way, you can choose to to have multiple establishments working with the same replacement transport database.
  • Possibility to have the customer put their signature on the replacement vehicle agreement 5 document when collecting and returning the replacement vehicle.

Tyre manager / Warehouse

  • On the A4 tyre stickers, the second comment and pressure ensor will now also be printed.
  • Added possibility to indicate to warehouses for which establishment it is. This makes it more clear when you have multiple warehouses for tyres.
  • System setting to have the tyre change comment cleared after a tyre change has been performed.
  • Export tyrelist now also exports the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  • You can now set a custom tyre size when exporting.
  • A field is added on the tyrepass warehouse print where you can already enter the profile depths of the changed tyres, so that it can be entered in the system by the reception.
  • Maximum number of characters in the free text field in the tyrepass is increased to 1024 characters.
  • Added possibility to print comment 2 on the tyrepass.
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