Turn off Laatbak in Autoline

When you work with Plan-IT, you no longer need to work with the ‘laatbak’ of Autoline. This saves a lot of work with creating a work order in Autoline.

You can turn off the ‘laatbak’ in Autoline with the following steps:

  1. Go to the module Urenverantwoording.
  2. Then select the preferred establishment.
  3. Open de option Menu - Systeemfuncties.
  4. Then go to the option Systeemparameters.
  5. In the section Diversen, remove the check from the box with the option Actieve toekomstplanning.

When you have turned off the ‘laatbak’ in Autoline, making the job lines clockable works as such:

Job lines change from status "M" to "B" when you select the key "in".

When the key is already "In" with extending morework, extra operations are loaded with status "M". Lines with the status "M' are not clockable and do not appear in the clock of Autoline either.

In practise, a mechanic clocks on the work order after extending where there's a line with the status " B" and starts working on the car. When converting the time, the used time is divided over the activities that are in the work order, also over the activities with the status "M".

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