Logging in automatically

When you prefer not having to enter your user name and password each time when you log in, you can save these in the shortcut of Plan-IT.

To do that, click with the right mouse button on the shortcut and select the option Properties in the context menu that appears.

Then click on the tab Shortcut in the top of the window that appears.

To login automatically in Plan-IT Workshop, type your user name and password in the Target field, behind the text that is already entered there. First type a space and then your user name in capitals. When your user name consists of multiple words, put it between two quotation marks. Then type another space followed by your password in capitals.

Click the OK button and the entered data is saved.

When you now start Plan-IT by double clicking on the Plan-IT icon, Plan-IT will start without asking a username and password.

Important: Keep in mind that other people can now also login with your credentials by double clicking this shortcut, or even look up your password by going to the properties of the shortcut.

You can turn off the automatic logging in again by removing the username and password from the Target field.

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