E-mail address of customers in combination with a DMS and CaRe-Mail

When importing work orders from a DMS, the e-mail adresses of customer from the DMS have priority over the e-mail addresses that are in Plan-IT. E-mail addresses from a DMS are always leading.

The e-mail address that is saved in Plan-IT is only used when you manually create a work order in Plan-IT without importing a work order from a DMS.

In the Plan-IT settings for CaRe-Mail, there are however 2 options that can give e-mail addresses from CaRe-Mail priority over the e-mail addresses from the DMS:

  1. Click in the menubar on the option System.
  2. Select the option System settings.
  3. In the top row of tabs, go to Connections.
  4. Then go to CaRe-Mail in the second row of tabs.
  5. Check the options Always use CaRe-Mail e-mail address and CaRe-Mail als bron gebruiken voor de klantgegevens.

When 1 of these options is acivated, the e-mail addresses from CaRe-Mail are used instead of those from the DMS. Make sure to remove the checks from both of these options to make the e-mail addresses from the DMS leading.

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