Description Autoline_Statussen parameters

The Autoline_Statussen.exe program is used to collect statuses from Autoline and process them in Plan-IT. This function is also used to perform an extra check if the planning date in Plan-IT matches the planning date in Autoline. Important information is collected from Autoline again (customer waiting, time appointment, edited receptionist) and corrected in Plan-IT.

There are several possibilities to collect the data. This is managed with the use of parameters.

Attention: this program must be started on the server where the ODBC is running.

Below is a description of these parameters:

Parameter 1: This parameter is to specify whether a centralized or decentralized reception file is used in Autoline. These are the options:

0 = Receptionists are managed per establishment in Autoline
1 = Receptionists are managed centralized in Autoline

Parameter 2: This parameter is to specify how much logging you want to see when the service is running. This logging can be used for debugging. There are several options:

1 = Minimal logging (only that the service is started or accidently stopped)
2 = Maximum logging (here the system will give detailed feedback what queries are used and what is the response of Autoline)
3 = Logging to follow the CRM_API
5 = Logging to investigate indexing issues

Parameter 3: This parameter indicates which connection should be used. There are several options:

-1 = This is the default connection when the ' laatbak' of Autoline is turned on with the time notation 9.00
0 = This is the default connection when the ' laatbak' of Autoline is turned on with the time notation 9,00
1 = This is the Stern connection
2 = This is the ASV connection
3 = This is the Amega connection
4 = This is the Wensink connection
5 = This is the BMW connection
6 = This is the default connection when the ' laatbak' of Autoline is turned off

11= This is the same as parameter 6, but an extra check is done for the sleutel uit date relative to the planning date. This will make sure that the collected status is processed better with follow-up appointments in Autoline.

(Values -1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are the same. So it does not really matter what value is used, but for voor consistency this value is usually kept the same as the 3rd parameter of the Autoline_Werkorders.exe program)

Parameter 4: This parameter is to specify if a check must be performed wether the planning date in Autoline is different than the planning date in Plan-IT. When this parameter is set to 0, this check is performed. When the parameter is set to 1, the check will NOT be performed. When the laatbak is turned off, this parameter is usually set to 1 because you will then not use the planning from Autoline anymore, and it doesn't make sense to perform this check.

Parameter 5: This parameter indicates how long the service must wait until performing the next run. When nothing is entered here, it will be set to 0 by default and the program will wait for 10 minutes. Any value can be entered here, the value is in seconds. Minimal value is 30 seconds.

De meest voorkomende instelling is: Autoline_Statussen.exe 1 1 6 1

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