The importance of efficient planning in the workshop is something we all recognize, but how do we reach optimized scheduling to enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty? That’s where Plan-IT comes in!

It is our mission to provide workshops, through our software programs, with the tools they need to optimize their scheduling, improve their overview in the workshop and support their sales and after sales. A better schedule means no more lost time, less chaos in the workshop, higher flexibility in action taking and more happy customers. More hours can be sold, therefore more parts can be sold and this means an increase in revenue.

Our goal is therefore to become the go to scheduling program within the automotive industry. We have the knowledge, the experience, the customer focus and the drive.

Leave the scheduling to Plan-IT!

About Plan-IT

As early as the year 2000 the very first version of Plan-IT Workshop was released. Back then still a simple, digital version of the big analog scheduling board that we know from workshops in the early days. The base of Plan-IT Workshop is still the digital version of that scheduling board, but throughout the years a lot of development has taken place. A better display, more features, more links, more possibilities!

With additional products such as Plan-IT Online on Time and Plan-IT Welcome, Plan-IT has now grown to be a multifaceted program with possibilities to support the sales department as well as the after sales department with excellent scheduling.

Plan-IT has not only grown into an authority on workshop scheduling on the Dutch market, but also in Belgium and in Germany is its presence visible. We strive to keep Plan-IT up to date at all times and we like receiving feedback from our customers. We think highly of the communication we have with our customers and we are always willing to come up with new solutions and possibilities! After all, we solve problems that car companies run into.


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